Chapters 2 & 3 Released!

Hi everyone! Our next big story update is finally here! Starting from today, you’ll be able to play chapters 2 and 3 of Long Gone Days.

In this chapter we’ll be able to explore a whole new city, and two new dungeons. You’ll also get to know better your party members, and meet some new ones too. This new story update will add 4 more hours of gameplay, with more people’s lives to change through sidequests, and more intriguing enemies to meet. 

This update will also feature a few changes to Chapter 1: Ivan will now help you in battle with a unique ability called BoostBoost has a chance to buff one of his allies stats (attack, defense or agility), and it also has a chance to heal them. Its effect will be determined by Ivan’s equipment, so be on the lookout for new items while exploring the world.

We also rebalanced all the battles and items you can find, to achieve a more consistent experience.

It is also important to note that old savefiles will no longer work. We have added a button on the title screen so you can continue playing from the ending of Chapter 1.

Here’s a change log for all the details:

  • Chapter 2 & 3 added
  •  Added PS4 & Xbox controller support
  • Re-mapped keyboard keys. New controls are: X to accept, C to cancel/open menu, V to fast forward dialogues, and arrow keys to move.
  • Added “Chapter 2” button to title screen to start playing from there
  • Changed title screen
  • Changed game over screen
  • Changed Lynn and Ivan’s portraits
  • Increased Rourke’s base speed (walking and running)
  • Made Ivan usable during battles (starting from chapter 1)
  • Rebalanced items quantity
  • Rebalanced equipment stats
  • Rebalanced enemies
  • Fixed lots of small, medium, and large bugs reported by the community
  • Fixed minor English/Russian grammar mistakes/typos reported by the community

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LGD Team

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