Next Update on July 25!

We are happy to announce that our next big story update is coming out next month!

On July 25th, the game will be automatically updated on Steam. Several changes and improvements were made to the first chapter, so we recommend playing it from the beginning, but otherwise, we'll add an option to start directly from Chapter 2.

We’ll write a more detailed log on July 25, but here are some of the things included in this update:

  • PS4 and Xbox controllers are now supported
  • Rourke’s walking speed has been raised
  • Battles, equipment, items and rewards have been rebalanced
  • Ivan can now be used in battle
  • Lynn and Ivan’s portraits have been revamped (See here and here)
  • About 3~4 hours of new content (which means the game is now about 8 hours long)
  • More instances to get to know your party members
  • More narrative-focused sidequests
  • Lots of bug fixes that have been reported by our players

We also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us with feedback here and our Discord server, none of this would have been possible without you!

See you all next month!

As always, remember you can join our Discord, or follow us on TwitterTumblr and Facebook for more frequent updates!

LGD Team

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