Release Date + Consoles!

The news you've all been waiting for! Long Gone Days has a release date, and it's this October 10th (10/10).

Not only that, but thanks to our publisher Serenity Forge the game is going to be released on that very same day on Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series X/S! Watch our shiny new announcement trailer!

Besides that, the game will be playable at PAX, booth 1016 in Seattle!

And YES, if you already have the Early Access version, even if you got it through a bundle, you'll get access to the full game (you'll have to download it again on itch, as it won't update itself automatically, though!)

That's all for today’s update! Remember that you can follow us on:

Until next time,

LGD Team

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Congratulations! Really excited to hear the news, I look forward to playing the full game. Wishing the team the best of luck <3!!

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Congrats on getting here. And really cool of you to let us who got it through the bundle get the full version, would have totally understood if it wasn't (actually all this time I was about 50/50 on believing it would be so).

omg congrats!!! It's been amazing following the development of this game, so I'm really happy I can still play the game even tho I purchased it from a bundle


Glad you guys finally finished the game Congratulations

Looking forward to the full release! I've really enjoyed the first part of the game. <3

Yay! Congrats :D Really looking forward to it.

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This is so exciting- you all have put so much time and love into this game. I'm looking forward to the full release! Congrats!!! :)


Just saw your game at PAX West! Congrats!! Really cool to see something there I supported all that time ago!


CONGRATS! 10/10 is a good date too!




Thank yooou!