Progress Report + Controller Support on Steam

Hi everyone! Camila here to fill you in on what we’ve been doing so far, and some other news and tips related to Long Gone Days.

As you might already know, Long Gone Days is 4 chapters long, and we have already released chapter 1. Because chapter 2 and 3 are shorter than chapter 1, we’ve been working on these two together, and they’ll be released together on our next big update. So this means that only two major updates are pending!

Here are some screenshots we haven’t shared here yet:

Lynn and Ivan's portraits went through a make over:

Here’s also a bit of production artwork, regarding character and prop design:

And well, you can see more about it on our devlog and Twitter (and also see some of the beautiful fanarts we've gotten!).

Steam Big Picture: PS4, Xbox, Android & Steam controller support

While we are working on native controller support at the moment, Steam Big Picture lets you easily configure your controller to play Long Gone Days!

If you are interested in trying it out, we recently posted the instructions on the forums.

You can also enjoy Long Gone Days on your phone using the Steam Link app. Here are some in-game screenshots of the game being played through the app:

As always, remember you can follow us on TwitterTumblr and Facebook for more frequent updates!


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