Progress Report: What We've Been Working On

Hi friends,

We hope everyone’s been staying safe! It’s been a couple of months since our last update so it’s time for a new progress report.

We’ve continued to work hard on Long Gone Days, and development is going great! The chapter we’re working on (Chapter 4) is the last one of the game, and it’s about as long as Chapter 1. It also has two different endings, which are directly linked to several choices you made through your journey.

Besides that, this chapter has many cinematics and intense moments that require more animations and illustrations than the previous chapters, so while it’s looking better than ever, it has also taken us a bit longer than we thought. Rest assured we’re working on it every day and everything’s been going smoothly!

On top of that, we’ve also been working on a completely new original soundtrack, by Sebastian Marin who composed the theme we used in our latest trailer. We’ve been looking forward to work with him since 2016, so we’re thrilled!

When will chapter 4 come out?

We don’t have a set date yet, and trust us, we can’t wait to announce it, but we want to make sure the game will be ready by then, and we want it to be as good as possible instead of rushing things to meet a deadline.

As you might be aware, our plan is to release Chapter 4 and exit Early Access at the same time, so besides all the new content, we’re making sure to finish plenty of stuff that has been on our backlog for some time.

So, in short, as soon as we’ve got a date, we’ll spam it on every social media, so you’ll definitely find out!

Will I have to buy the game again after it exits Early Access?

Nope! You won’t have to pay any extra. On that day, your game will get updated automatically on Steam.

That's all for today’s update! For more frequent updates (and lots of beautiful fanarts from our community!) follow us on:

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Just finished everything that's been released up til now and so far this game whips.  Chapter 3 especially ended on a high note and I cant wait to see what you guys have in store with the games final chapter! 

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When this game exits early access on steam, will it have steam achievements?

If so I may consider grabbing a second copy, love the game, can't wait for chapter 4!



Hi there! Yes, the full release version will have Steam achievements. Thanks for your support!

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If I already have the game via the Racial justice bundle is there any way to get chapter 3? because it doesn't appear to be included or would i have to buy the whole game again? (The RJ Bundle did not give steam keys so I do not have it on steam) But I would like to finish it :/  (Actually Update I was under the impression that what i had finished was only up to the end of chapter 2 but apparently the casino was chapter 3 so Maybe I'm not missing as much as I thought?)


Hi there! Chapter 3 is indeed the one that takes place in the casino. When chapter 4 is out, people who got the game from the bundle will have to redownload the game (your saves are stored in a different location so you'll be able to continue playing from where you left off).


Thank you very much for your response I am looking forward to chapter 4! (I haven't played a game i was this enthused about in a while!)

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Hola! Si obtuviste el juego a través de un bundle o si estás usando la versión sin DRM, vas a tener que descargar el juego nuevamente (tus partidas guardadas están almacenadas en otra carpeta, así que podrás seguir jugando desde donde quedaste). No tendrás que pagar nada extra, y la actualización estará disponible de forma simultánea tanto para los usuarios de Steam como de itch.

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I've really enjoyed playing the available chapters! This game's story is one that is needed right now. Can't wait for the final release. Thank you for all your hard work. <3


We're glad to read that! Thank you so much for your support ♥!