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I'ts an awesome game! i need to know if in the future the game will have an spanish traduction, i really like to play again in my native language, thanks for all you do! (and sorry for my bad english hahaha)

Hi there! I'm glad to know you enjoyed it! Spanish is our native tongue as well, so we plan to translate it ourselves! Any translations will come out after our full release, though.

Oh, entonces mejor todavia jajajaj, una pregunta, el juego cuando se complete lo podremos jugar los que lo compramos desde el bundle por el racismo o lo tendremos que comprar aparte? 

Disculpa la demora! Todas las personas que obtuvieron el juego a través del bundle van a tener acceso a la versión completa y todos los updates (la única diferencia con los que compraron el juego fuera del bundle es que no tendrán acceso a una llave de Steam).


Absolutely fantastic game. Some of the best writing I've seen in a game with a perspective on the theme I don't think I've seen in a game before. A suggestion for full version: you really need to add a skip button for the visual novel parts, especially since they also occur in boss fights & you have to redo the rather lengthy interactions time and time again if you don't beat the boss the first time around. Other than that I love it & can't wait for the full version.

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are glad to hear you have enjoyed it!

We agree about being able to skip cutscenes you already watched. We can't confirm if it will be implemented because it can be tricky to add new features at this stage, but it's something we'll definitely keep in mind for future games.


Just finished all the available chapters! I pulled an all nighter to finish it. I was that infatuated with it! I love the characters and cant wait to see how my actions affect their relationships even more. One thing I was surprised by is that I just hang onto a lot of early game gear since i cant really get rid of it. Totally thought id have to donate it to refugees in this new chapter or dump it somewhere. I'd gladly take having a full inventory of stuff since this game gives so much in dialogue, gameplay, and mechanics (and i can generally find what gear I want to use easily). Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Just finished the currently available chapters and I am absolutely loving this, couldn't put it down until I was done!

One question (I'll try to stay vague to avoid spoiling others): in the final boss battle at the end of the game there's dialogue that seems very relevant to the choices I've made so far; is this dialogue different if I choose to avoid certain situations and take the alternate path instead (I'm not gonna lie, I have done the "take the alternate path but also go back to the avoidable situation" thing every time I was given the option to), and do the choices in that specific conversation have an effect on the battle's result? The post-battle dialogue had me wondering, though it seems unlikely it'd make a difference.

If it matters, when faced with the first important boss battle Rourke's morale was higher than 50%, so I got the cutscene that's tied to that.

Hi there! I'm really glad to read you enjoyed it!

Every boss battle has at least 2 different endings, and it's usually tied to certain characters' morale. The boss battle in chapter 3 has two endings and they aren't too different compared to the alternate endings in chapter 1 and 2. The choices you can pick during boss battles affect the reward you get, which can be an item or a morale boost.


it was fantastic, I find myself thinking about it long after catching up to the story thus far. good pacing, engaging characters, hot enemies, and a fun discord community. what more could you ask for? totally worth it, and worth multiple replays. 

Wow, thank you so much, that means a lot ♥!!


I got this game in a bundle and had to go back and purchase it directly. Amazing, incredible game that I can't wait to play more of!


Whoa, thank you so much for doing that! We're glad to read you enjoyed it ♥


Haven't played the game yet but I just wanted to say thank you for creating this game. I have always been a fan of anti-war games as I am a huge fan of WW2 history and the Gundam series. The Gundam series was what really brought me into the genre as the series always stressed understanding amongst people with their deeply personal stories. (I will stop myself here before I go fanboying over the series) I have found that the further the generations are from WW2 the less they care about understanding others as well understanding why its so important. I'm definitely going to show this game to my friends as I hope the high production quality will draw them so they can experience something new.

Thank you so much! We hope you enjoy it, I think the mecha genre does a very good job to portray war in a less glamorous light, and it was one of my inspirations.


Just finished chapter 2 and I've been loving the game so far and I love a lot of the game design decisions that you have made though there were some that I was not to big a fan of though they mostly revolved around the combat.


1) In combat there are words like high evasion, low defense, etc. This really doesn't help me make an informed decision during combat as at times it feels like I am landing headshots after headshots but at others I keep missing. Though if this lack of information is intentional for story reasons I guess it makes sense

2) Switching equipments is a pain as I have no way to really compare stats for items which isn't to big of a deal just choose the biggest number. However for characters like Ivan who doesn't fight giving him the biggest number sometimes results in him getting an attack buff which he can't use

3) I often feel like I am encouraged to fight just to for the chance to get better equipment for unavoidable fights. I know you can avoid fights and most fights are easy but in a game about someones struggle about his past killings it just doesn't sit well with me.

4) What does Agility and Luck do?

minor nitpicks 

1) some enemies seem to be incorrectly labeled in certain fights such as the one in the NSB headquarters or the drones only having one target option at times (this may be a Mac issue)

2) In Germany you mentioned us carrying guns around as a problem but part of are arsenal is a sniper rifle (how are we carrying this around unseen?

3) My wool beanie is giving me more defense than my military grade helmet XD

4) why does using skills drain morale? (I just reasoned that these moves put more of a mental strain thereby lowering morale)

5) For the break out scene why give us multiple choices for breaking out when we have to hid under the bed? Was it just to add more dialogue to flesh out the characters? I have a habit of trying to see were all the choices lead me and I was surprised that this one just reverted me to the same choice but just with "seduce him removed" (not that I really wanted to do that)

Now comes the pros (buckle up its a long list)

1) The morale system is amazing as it causes players that are just interested in combat to be absorbed into the story even if they are just trying to get morale for the next fight

2) The fact that morale can't be regenerated by resting makes for interesting decisions as it makes each skill use a calculated decision

3) The plethora of mundane healing items seemed weird and "cluttery" at first but I made a point of saving at least one of each item as I guessed it would be wise for story reasons. I was so glad when that chocolate bar I saved allowed me further character interactions!

4) Having a dedicated non combat character in a combat situation was rather unique and just adds a new dimension to fights (even if Ivan is unreliable when it comes to his wristbands) 

5)The fact that the weapons have unique "effects" in combat. Such as not being able to aim with certain weapons or certain weapons hitting multiple times. Although the latter does nothing as it doesn't seem that each hit has its own hit calculation its still an interesting bit of flavoring to each character.

6) The fact that certain characters can't equip certain items adds personality to each character even without saying anything. I can just imagine the girls turning down the old belt when I try to equip it.

7)The use of language to lock the world around you was also very good in my opinion as it shows how out of place the characters are. That and it seems that perhaps you know the language or someone who does? I only know a little German so I can't say but regardless its a great way to lock off content in a manner that feels organic

8)The swapping of characters was also a nice touch. You aren't afraid to take away characters from the team temporarily allowing for new dynamics that would otherwise not have been possible.

9) I really enjoy the music of the game. Its nothing spectacular in the grand action packed sense. But rather its very calming and creates a sense of ambiance that I really like sorta as if you were just observing the lives of people around you even though you are the MC the music makes it feel like your not. I have 24 hours on this game now mostly due to me just keeping the game open for the music

10) The quests are really good too! You don't need to do them and you have to find them organically which is really neat and really emphasizes the fact that you are one life in a world of many lives as even though I could look at all the quests I never felt like I needed to. The rewards were nothing game changing and only further adds to the sense that these were ordinary people.

11) The characters felt really good to interact with too. They might have each began interactions as a sort of game device to move the story forward but they each felt like actually people with more of a story as the game progressed. I especially loved the one on one time with the characters and I look forward to being in control of other characters.

12) The art in this game is great! I understand how only important characters get images (is this the correct term?) but even without that I don't recall seeing the same sprites over and over. The animation is smooth (especially when I punched the NSB guy I was expecting an actual fight but when my character just punched him I was so surprised that it was animated!) 

13) No random encounters (no need to say anymore its self explanatory) 

14) There's more but I can't recall off the top of my head

Oh and I'm amazed by indie debs like you my friends and I tried to make a game 3 years back (in high school). It didn't go well so when I see a game this polished I'm always impressed. 

Oh and is anyone out there kinda tempted to play matchmaker with the characters? I know I am though I am hesitant to see that happen in game as relationship systems almost feel like something that would feel tacked on and take attention away from the story. Though if relationships just happened without weird systems for the player to manipulate I won't be against it. 

Good luck with chapter 3. Also chapter 2 had an image of the group at the end of it was there something similar for chapter 1?

Anyways sorry for the long post but I've always been interested in game design so I like to take games apart to see how the parts interact. Part of it is due to my desire to try to find a group to make a game with again.

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TL;DR: It's gripping, it's emotional, it's unique, it's fun, and it's aesthetically pleasing as heck. Just play it. Trust me.

I've just recently gotten around to playing games from the racial justice and equality bundle and my god, this is the best one I've played yet by a large margin. 

DISCLAIMER: I've only played the first chapter. I can't speak for the other chapters yet (although I have very high hopes for them).

It didn't take long at all to get invested in the characters. Their motivations, dialogue, backstories, and all that good stuff all feel pretty believable and interesting.  The exploration is great, all the different side quests and character interactions help the city feel pretty lifelike.  The game's not afraid to get heavy and emotional at times (The plot twist about your targets in the beginning and the translated letter were both emotional gut punches), but it's not overwhelmingly dark or depressing. It's actually very hopeful as well. It's the first game I've ever played that utilizes language barriers and interpreters, which is neat as heck. The combat isn't particularly complex (at least, not the way I played it), but that's not a bad thing in the slightest. It's still fun, it seems well balanced, and there's a bunch of different gear options. The art is gorgeous, both the 2d pixel game graphics and the character portraits.

Just a quick question though, how long is the game in its current state? Apologies if this has already been answered. I checked the FAQ, but I might've missed it.


Hi there and thanks for your kind words! The first chapter is about 4 hours long, chapters 2 and 3 are a bit shorter and about 2 hours each, so the current build is about 8 hours long. The last chapter of the game (chapter 4) will be around 3 hours long, and it has two different endings.


This game is amazing!! I usually find turn based battle mechanics to be offputting or difficult to understand, but LDG really excels at handling them & balancing battle mechanics with a truly fantastic and gripping narrative - i honestly played most of this game in one long sitting, the characters are so individual in their dialogue & designs (my favourites are cygnus & adair, but ivan & zoe are close runners up), and the RPG elements compliment the plot perfectly & allow for plenty of exploration - can't wait for the final chapter!! thank you for making such an exciting and inspiringly original game, im a big fan <3

Wow, thank yoooou! It means a lot that you enjoyed it so much ♥ And it makes me happy that you have so many favorites, haha. Have an amazing day!

I think this game is great, I enjoy it a lot, the artistic design and challenge of creating a multilingual game must've taken a LOT of effort cause it shines through the game but I have one complaint, is there a run button??? I can't find one anywhere if there isn't could you make it an option if feasible? Thanks!

Hi there, we're glad to hear you enjoyed it! Regarding your question, there is a sprint key. You can walk faster if you hold down shift (or the square button if you are using a PS4 controller, or the X button if you are using an Xbox controller). Have a nice day!

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I been playing this game for the past several weeks and I love it but I had to change my laptop because it's no longer in optimal working condition so I bought an ARM computer just recently (Surface Pro X) but now I can't play this game. So I'm just here to ask if the dev is planning to make an ARM version of this? If not, this game is awesome nonetheless. 

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Will there ever be a sale? Sorry if this offends you as a dev just seems like a cool game.


Don't worry, this is a valid question! Our next sale on itch will be on October 29th, but for transparency's sake, right now we're part of the Indie Mega Week Sale at Humble, which just started today.

In both cases the discount will be the same.


Thanks so much!

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Criticism is valid, and from a dev's perspective there isn't much to say about it, but the way it's written and the further discussion it generated and WILL continue to generate isn't beneficial to anyone and frankly I don't want to get notifications on a discussion that has nothing to do with the game.

I don't want to deactivate comments because people usually use them for support questions and I need that means of communication. Please respect this.

Criticism is valid [...] the further discussion it generated and WILL continue to generate isn't beneficial to anyone and frankly I don't want to get notifications on a discussion that has nothing to do with the game

Then you should police the off-topic discussion, not the criticism itself. It is unjust to punish someone because of the actions of others.

I can't believe this game was finally finished!! I remember playing a demo of it years back on gamejolt. I'm excited to play the full thing :) much love!!


Would it be possible to add an auto-run option? The walk speed is rather slow and it's difficult to hold down Shift all the time.

I'm still in the prologue, but one weird thing that sticks out to me is that characters seem to avoid contractions a lot, even when they're in tense situations that would call for rapid speech.

Hi, I'm having trouble in Kiel, I've rescued Zoe and I'm meant to be gaining Cygnus trust but I've talked to everyone in the bar and no one has launched a quest? Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch?

Hi there! I don't know what was the last thing you did, but you should talk to the barwoman there. If that's not working, see this guide: You can jump to the part "Day 4 - Kiel NSB HQ (Part 2)".
I hope you get to continue playing!

This has been a wonderful game so far - I used to play RPGs a lot when I was younger but I haven't been able to get back into them as an adult. I found the writing, characters, and world building (plus all the neat language stuff) really alluring and I totally loved every moment.
I have a question which I tried to find on the FAQ and these comments but I can't figure it out. I've been continuing from the main menu on a save, assuming I'd eventually have to click on Chapter 2 when I reached the end. However I reached the end and clicked on chapter 2 and it went back to an earlier moment in the game. So I assume I'd played Chapter 1 & 2 without knowing it but people are talking about Chapter 3 as if they've already played and I somehow think I missed it? So as not to spoil anything, I've so far explored two different linguistic areas. Have I explored everything that's been released thus far?
Thank you and can't wait to play more!

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Hi there! Thank you very much for your kind words! We added a chapter 2 button because when we released Chapter 1, we made the mistake of not adding a way to save your progress after the final fight, so people would have to fight the final boss of Chapter 1 again. The full release version won't have a chapter selection button.

There's no screen that indicates that chapter 2 ended, but chapter 2 is the one about about Weber, and chapter 3 is the one about Beqiri.

Ah OK thank you so much :D Yes I guess I just hadn't realised the chapter breaks.
One other thing I noticed is - I live in the Ch 2 location in the game and the signs in the game for the bus stops is aligned wrong (should look like an H not an I, unless this was intentional). It was the only thing that jumped out to me because otherwise the representation (signs and everything) was spot on! And gave me a great chance to practice my language while playing a game :)


Oh, the H thing was on purpose, just like the U-Bahn station says UB instead of just U, and also the names of the weapons. We're trying to play safe just in case, even if it's not completely necessary for some of those things 🙈

Wow cool didn't realise. It was so spot on as well, I didn't even notice (assumed it was U8 which is the station near me ^_^;;)

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Ooooh, cuánto tiempo! Gracias a ti aprendí mucho sobre mapeo y otras cosas de gamedev ;o; ♥
Me alegra saber que estás volviendo al desarrollo, voy a seguirte para estar atenta a tus proyectos! Muchísima suerte con todo!


Got the game as part of the racial justice bundle and got to say that I loved it. Hope the last chapter will come soon ! 

And keep up the good work !

Thank you so much, we're glad to hear you enjoyed it ♥!


is there any romance in this game? :o , id still buy the game regardless but doesnt hurt to ask right?


Hi there! Long Gone Days is more focused on companionship/friendship, so while you can build strong relationships between the protagonist and the rest of the team, they won't be romantic.

Hello, I got this game in the Racial Justice bundle I purchased. Do I still receive a steam key? I didn't receive any email so I was wondering it. Thank you


Hi there! Unfortunately, the games from the racial justice bundle do not come with Steam Keys to prevent people from reselling them, but that's the only difference. You'll still get access to all of our upcoming updates.

Thank you! I love the game!

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This game is incredible! The story is very engaging from the start. I'm not done yet I'm on day 3 but I just needed to comment how much I adore the storytelling and visuals as well as the gameplay! Also I actually laughed when Rourke was complimenting the chips but he didn't know what they were and Ivan was just like "These are just chips...Are you kidding me??" lmao


Thank yoooou! I'm glad you enjoyed that, those kinds of scenes are my favorite things to write, haha 🙈


Wow wow wowwowwow. What a game! From the story, the music, the art, the world-building, the battle system - you can tell this game was really, really well thought out. Everything comes together beautifully to create a masterpiece. I absolutely love it and cannot wait for more. And seriously, if you guys sold the OST, that would be awesome.

Whoa, thank you so much for this, this really means a lot!

It´s really interesting the idea, and the main story, but idk i think the downloadable i have or my pc has a glitch in the beggining of the adventure, only the things i can interact have the pixel colurs, and the background is all black, maybe its a glitch for some computers, and that ruined some of the gameplay, if you want to know my windows version is 8.1 pro, if the glitch is because my computer, i want to know if there is an option to fix it. 

apart from that, i really enjoy it, great work!!

Hi there! I'm really sorry about, this is what usually happens when a computer doesn't have the requirements to run the game (1GB graphics card, 4 or 8GB of RAM and 2 Ghz Dual Core, and we recommend having windows 10, but it can run on win7+ if the other requirements are met).

Sometimes it can happen on computers that do have those requirements but that are running other resource heavy programs at the same time, like screen capture software or other things that use your graphics card. In that case, it's best to close those other programs, but it's possible that you might encounter visual glitches and missing sprites again as you play :(


Oh well, thanks for the information! i will try it in another device, and keep up the amazing things that you are doing its really great, if there are other projects it will be wonderful to see what it is :D


Had so much fun playing this game! Can't wait to see what else you come up with, keep up the amazing work <3

Thank you so much ♥!


Aw man I enjoyed this game so much! The cast, story, graphics and unique gameplay kept me going. Almost played this in one sitting if I didn't stop for dinner haha. Absolutely looking forward to chapter 4~

Most importantly, thank you so much for making this game!

Thank YOU for playing it and leaving such a kind comment 🙌!


Finished the last available chapter today, and I'm a bit surprised honestly at how much the game has stayed in my thoughts. I'm super excited for whenever the next part drops. Amazing artwork and character design, top notch soundtrack and really enjoyable characters! Big fan of Lynn and Ivan myself. I don't know how many people are still searching around the racial justice bundle from a few months back, but this has easily been one of the highlights of that bundle for me. The creators clearly put a lot of care into the game, and it shows in a really excellent game.

Thank you so much for your kind words!  I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it, Ivan and Lynn are two of my favorites so that means a lot 🙌!


10/10 Best game I've played in a while. The art work is especially gorgeous. The animation is especially pretty, both in pixel art and the icons while speaking. The story is also really interesting and fun, it doesn't hold back any punches! And all the characters are so lovable (normally there is at least one character you don't like, but not in this game!) Can't wait for the finished game! :)

Thank you so much! We tried our best to make them all likeable, so this really means a lot ♥!

I've just finished playing through chapter 3 and love it! When will there be an update for chapter 4? 

I'm glad to hear you liked it! We haven't announced a release date yet, but if you're interested, we share some of the things we are working on (no chapter 4 spoilers, of  course) in our Discord server, where you can also meet other fans and see all their wonderful fanworks as well ♥:

We'll also post an update here on itchio as soon as we have a set date.

Just beat this game and man... it was awesome thew whole way through! By the way, where could I find the ost/soundtrack for this game?

Thank you! We're working on an OST with brand new songs as a lot of these, even though we like them a lot, are placeholders. It will be released post full release alongside a digital artbook because we are still making new content for the game 🙌!

The design/art of this game is [chef's kiss]. Gorgeous. That's actually mainly what got me to play it in the first place. I love the characters and the story, too! That being said, I would really appreciate a quality of life update. 

What I mean by that is that I often accidentally clicked "New Game" or "Chapter 2" by accident after opening the game and I had to painstakingly  go through whole cutscenes again and again... That's why I would appreciate a confirmation message to ask the player if they really want to start a new game/etc , or maybe even the option to skip a cutscene would be super helpful. I know there's Auto-advance dialogue, but it's not fast enough for this. 

Something else that was confusing was equipping items. Some characters could equip certain things, but I could not give the same thing to another party member after unequipping it, and I had no idea why. For example: Adair can equip the Striped Pullover, but no one else can. It would be nice to have some way to know which characters can equip which items

Nonetheless, I very much look forward to seeing how this game progresses in the future. 


Thank you so much for your kind words! We will be removing that "Chapter 2" button after our full release, so that won't be a problem.

(The reason why we added an option to start the game from Chapter 2, is because when we updated the game some things changed and players’ saves could no longer be used, and that way players wouldn’t have to start the game from the beginning.)

Regarding adding something to specify which character can equip something, that's a really good point! We've been working on redesigning the equipment menu so we'll make sure to add that too!


I must admit, i didn't thought this game would make me want to play more and more of it, but as the story developed, i can't help but to love it. I finished whole game and I must admit, it's fantastic. I think gameplay and shooting mechanic could be a little more engaging, but it was great nonetheless. Art style is also great and I would love to see something sort of "gallery" in future (just a thought). I got this game in racial justice bundle, and it pay off whole pack for me. Kudos from Poland ;)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Having a gallery would be a great idea, it could be unlocked after you finish the game :O We're also trying our best to be respectful and accurate with our representation of Poland, so we hope you enjoy that too once it comes out ♥


So I got this game as part of the racial justice bundle. I honestly didn't know what any of the games in the bundle were, I just bought it for the heck of it. This game alone made the whole bundle worth it. I absolutely adore this game. I started playing, just mildly curious about what it was. I ended up binging the whole game because I loved it so much. This very suddenly and very quickly became one of my favorite games ever. The story is literally so interesting and keeps me on the edge of my seat and the gameplay is fun without making me tear my hair out. I adore this game and I can't wait to see what further updates bring. 


Wow, thank you so much! Waking up to a comment like this really made my day, I'm glad you enjoyed it that much! Also, thanks a lot for donating to a good cause ♡!

hi! I got it in that bundle as well, but I'm curious if our version of long gone days has ch.3. Did you get to play ch. 3? On my start menu, I only see ch. 2. I love this game and I want to play more! Thanks! Hope u reply!

It's possible you already played chapter 3. For reference, Chapter 3 is the one with the casino.

To clarify, the reason why we added an option to start the game from Chapter 2, is because when we updated the game some things changed and players’ saves could no longer be used, and that way players wouldn’t have to start the game from the beginning. This won’t happen with the last chapter, and we will be removing chapter selection options in the full release.

This may have been asked previously, but will people that got the game from the racial justice bundle also be able to download chapter 4 and/or full release when it comes out? 

Just put in ~9.5 hours in the span of two days and really loved the story and development of characters. The side quests gave a bit of a 'persona'-like feel to it but with a lot of unique features that made me want to keep playing. If I had to make any suggestion, it would be to have the option of changing the text speed. I kept holding 'V' to make it scroll faster, but that didn't change the internal pauses between some of the dialogue; it makes the game feel slower then it actually is, especially if you're replaying scenes multiple times because you want to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Overall, though, great work and I'm so so so happy that this game exists and that I was able to play it through the Bundle and learn about yall! Will absolutely be keeping an eye on anything yall put out in the future :)


Hi there! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it, and we agree about the text speed, it's something we're looking into, but we want to make sure it doesn't make new bugs appear.

Regarding upcoming updates for the people who got the game through the racial justice bundle, they'll get access to every update, including the full release version. The only difference between the version people got through the bundle and those who bought the game at full price, is that the latter get a Steam key.


Wooo! Thanks for the reply and that's awesome! Very much looking forward to see the final product and hope to support yall in future endeavors too!


Started playing an hour of the game, it's actually fun so far. 


I wasn't sure about this game at first while it has absolutely gorgeous art, it was a little bit slow at the start but some of the stuff the character said stuck with me so I went back to it and now I'm uploading a second part. Awesome job I am hooked ^_^ 

Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Just dropping in to say this seems to work well under wine (linux).

Thank you! From what I've heard, it seems to be a bit buggy (visual glitches mostly), but I haven't been able to test it myself.

Been playing and enjoying this from the big Racial Justice bundle, but I appear to be stuck. How do I reach the "Nightlife District" in Kiel? I've circled every street several times, and anywhere that looks like it might be a path somewhere new is barricaded off. Halp?

Did you take the underground train?

The subway...? That takes me to the industrial district, where I can meet with Leonid to upgrade weapons, but I haven't found another way forward from there. Or am I misunderstanding you?

After a certain point in the story, the Nightlife District gets unlocked and you can access it using the same subway station you used to go to the industrial district.


  • We've been to the NSB building twice.
  • After the second visit, we convened at an injured person's apartment.
  • There, a mysterious contact who helped us during the NSB thing gave us a task to receive a package in the Nightlife District.

That seemed like it'd be a good time to unlock the Nightlife District? or... maybe I misunderstood something, and we're supposed to take the package to the Nightlife District? In which case, where's the package? (This is where a main-quest tracker would be handy, haha...)


Oh, you are not at a point where the nightlife district has been unlocked yet, the package quest needs to be completed before that. The characters will tell you exactly where you have to go, but just in case: You need to go to the bar, then to the pharmacy and then you'll be told how to proceed.


The game is incredible. One of my favorites. The best thing I couldve gotten out of the bundle for racial justice. And because I love it so much, I'm super exited for the later updates. One of the things I'm hoping for is a better movement system. Being able to go diagonally would be super great, and adding a running animation when I hold shift would make it feel more natural 

Keep up the good work guys! I'm looking forward to how things turn out!


Where can I find the soundtrack? I tried looking it up and I couldnt find it anywhere. I thought it was really good. 

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