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How do you save? I lost all my data because I thought there was auto-save and couldn't figure out how to save and had to quit (after just getting past the training dummies)... ugh.

EDIT: Dang it, you have to get to the crow. It would be really nice if it was mentioned at the beginning of the game that you have to reach save points...

EDIT #2: There was a really cool running animation by Rourke when he spots a live enemy, but this isn't actually used for the running that Shift toggles. I also wish Right Shift would allow running, at that; if the game will get any updates, re-bindable keys would be excellent, to play the whole thing with one hand (such as moving X and C to other right-handed keys, or doubling up movement onto WASD). Anyways, very cool game that blends multiple genres together: VN, action, and RPG!

EDIT #3: Found a typo: "I did met a few of his underlings, though." (during Lynn and Atiye's talk)

Wow, this is easily the #1 best game in the entire Racial Justice & Equality bundle. The attention to detail is unbelievably profound; characters' individual gestures like Loran's tantrum and portraits changing emotions within one line of dialogue are amazing! The puzzle of combat also feels very satisfying to win.


this game is absolutely so stunning from the animation to the game mechanics, i absolutely adore all the characters and the storytelling, that i finished the entire 3 chapters in two days its!!! just so beautiufl!! and i love the themes the game bring forth as well such as not glorifying war, and how government parties/leaders can be corrupt, i enjoy this game immensely and can't wait for new chapters to come out!!! thank u so much for creating such a wonderful game!


This game is phenomenal! 

I could end my review right here, but there's so much I want to praise about this game.


This game has an unique and gripping narrative of the game and had me hooked from the outset.  The characters are well developed and have relatable personalities. I was instantly attached to Lynn from the start and as the story progressed, I could understand why. 

Graphics/Art Work

The mixture of 2D art and pixel art *chef kiss*.  I'm obsessed with pixel art, like so obsessed I've decided to learn how to draw pixel art. I believe pixel art is a timeless art form, especially for games. The pixel art and animation is phenomenal, especially the background scenery. I LOVED when the characters were in a high place, the camera would move too (e.g. on top of the build looking down on the NSB HQ).  

Combat System

The combat system is refreshing and intuitive. I like the idea of using Morale to boost the characters attacks and how this can be boosted depending on your chosen dialogue.


I thoroughly enjoy video game music soundtracks and the music in this game always set the tone of each scene. 

This game deserves more accolades as there's so much attention to detail: incorporating different languages, using interpreters, using a modern setting with a timeless art form (pixel art).

I was lucky enough to get this game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I cannot wait til the game is completed and released in full as I want to back the developers and whole team as they deserve all the success. 

Thank you so much team. I can't wait for the next chapter!

**Sidenote: I laughed when I read the email sent about the work food thief (I won't say anymore) but I found this so related. **

**Sidenote 2: Sorry if there's any spelling and grammar mistake, honestly I'm just bad at both**

Itch said an update occurred 3 days ago but I see nothing in the development log. What was the change?


We haven't updated the game. I don't know why you might have gotten a notification, what did it say?

If you go to the game page here on Itch, and then click "More Information" to see the dropdown section, it says it was updated "4 days ago" now. Maybe it was a change in authorship on the page or something instead of one to any of the download files.


How do I update long gone days when chapter four comes out?


To update the DRM-free version, you'll have to manually redownload the game. Your save files are stored in a different folder ( Users/{your username}/AppData/LocalLow/Bura/Long Gone Days ) so you don't have to worry about losing them.


I love this game so far! I haven't made it to the second chapter yet but so far I love the characters, the story and the gameplay! Unfortunately, I'm retiring the laptop I've been playing on and moving all my games to a desktop and my save files did not transfer over when I copied the folder onto my new computer. Does anyone know the location for the save file in the file explorer?


Hi there! I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying the game. Your save files are stored in Users/{your username}/AppData/LocalLow/Bura/Long Gone Days, I hope it's not too late to make a backup of them.


Thank you so much! I was able to transfer my save over, I can't wait to keep playing!

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This game is really cool! The plot and the characters are intriguing, and the gameplay mechanics are interesting! The combat system is also quite refreshing, as the way morale is used makes me think more carefully about my moves instead of just spamming abilities. But there are some minor quality of life changes that I think would be nice. It'd be nice if i could see the hit chance of my attacks as well as the exact amount of health my opponents have. Also, it'd be convenient to see everyone's turn orders.


This game is a true gem, so happy I had the chance to discover it in this bundle! Everything is just outstanding, from character development to the game art! I enjoyed every part of it! This game deserves so much more attention! I'll offer it to a friend on steam to thank you for this experience and your participation in this bundle.

Such care for the language barrier, side quests, events, lightings, decors... Wow. The whole universe feels more than solid, and it's amazing to see the story progression and every character point of view on occuring events.

I'll definitely be here when chapter 3 will release!! I was just a bit surprised how chapter 2 boss was so easy to counter using items that targets all enemies at once... In my humble opinion, you still have room for improvement concerning overall combat balance and items, but this is the only minus I could find, and this speaks volume.

Keep up the good stunning work and thanks again!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot! We might still rebalance some enemies that were already present in the first chapters, so thanks for your feedback too!

Wow. Adored the game so far, can't wait for Chapter 3! Just wondering, where do we find the Steam key? I got this as part of the Justice Bundle and can't seem to find it! Was hoping to leave a glowing steam review

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, the games from the bundle don't come with Steam Keys (this is to prevent people from reselling the keys). The only way to get a key is to purchase the game outside of the bundle or directly from Steam.


Makes sense, hadn't thought of that! Thank you

This might be a daft question, but how do we update the bundle version of the game as new chapters come out?


To update the DRM-free version, you'll have to manually redownload the game. Your save files are stored in a different folder ( Users/{your username}/AppData/LocalLow/Bura/Long Gone Days ) so you don't have to worry about losing them.

Thank you so much! Sorry, I'm not used to, but want to keep up with this brilliant game!

Me encantó el juego, he estado robando algunos juegos del bundle y hasta el momento este ha sido el mejor! Es hermoso, tanto en lo referido a los gráficos como a la trama. Espero que el tercer capítulo salga pronto. ¿Habrá que pagar por ese nuevo capítulo o se actualizará en mi juego? De todas maneras, estoy dispuesta a pagar, porque veo que vale la pena. Felicitaciones por este tremendo juego!

Me alegra escuchar que lo hayas disfrutado! Al haber obtenido el juego desde el bundle, tendrás acceso a todos los capítulos, no hace falta pagar algo extra. Cuando se actualice, recibirás un correo de itchio (y además avisaremos por nuestras redes sociales con anticipación).


Disculpar mi intromisión, pero ¿qué es el bundle? Yo compré el juego desde acá en itch. ¿Tengo acceso también a los extras? 

Sí, tendrás acceso a todos los capítulos, parches y actualizaciones, sin necesidad de pagar algo extra.

El bundle se refiere a la gente que obtuvo el juego por haber donado dinero para la iniciativa de caridad organizada por itch a principios de junio. Dentro de los juegos que obtenías por donar, habían juegos que solo contenían el primer capítulo o una demo, así que varias personas han tenido la duda si en nuestro caso tendrán acceso a los próximos capítulos.

Great! Saludos 

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I adore this game. I have never been a fan of war/guns/military the way that I have seen some people in my life be, and I really appreciate how this game treats those things not as something to be glorified, but  as a danger and something to be wary of.

Some other things I loved:

- the art style! the pixelated versions of the characters were so cute, and the close-up shots added dimension and personality to their dialogue.

- the side quests!  they're a really cool and clever way to encourage exploration in the game. 

- gaining morale instead of xp. this is kind of a minor detail, but I really liked how my choices (esp in dialogue) would affect the morale of my characters. I liked seeing my characters happy and motivated, and that gave me an incentive to play in a way that would gain morale. like I said, it's super minor, but it made me more empathetic towards them, which is cool!

I can't wait for the other chapters to come out! Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your kind words, especially for complimenting the art and the sidequests 💖

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No es porque sea chileno como uds, pero este es el mejor videojuego independiente que he visto a mis 36 años. Si uds fueran gringos, el documental "Indie Game" les habría quedado chico. La trama es tan poderosa y el mensaje tan profundo, que es inevitable quedarse pensando luego de jugar esto . De verdad los felicito. Soy profesor de Historia y había llegado a ustedes por Nanopesos. Me picó el bichito del diseño de videojuegos y este interés se ha reforzado luego de Long Gone Days. Espero que continuen con el desarrollo de este gran proyecto y espero con ansias también la publicación de nuevos trabajos. 


It's not because I'm chilean as you, but this is by far the best indie videogame I've played along my 36 years old. If you were "american", surely the docu "Indie Game" it would have been too small for all of you. The plot is so powerful and the message is so deep that is inevitable  not think about relationship and communication barriers we build ourselves. I am a History teacher and I found you after Nanopesos. I got stung by the world of game developing and that interest increased after Long Gone Days. I really hope you continue developing this great project and also I hope with hunger the release of new works.


Muchas gracias por el apoyo! Esperamos poder hacer muchos más juegos después de este 🙌 




The deeper meaning of this game is so relevant in this political time. Long Gone Days doesn't glamourize guns, war, and corruption like other war-themed games. It shows how damaging guns and war can be and the results of their misuse. Not only are the game's mechanics and characters wonderfully created, the storyline is engaging and it's simply fun to play.

I can't wait for Chapter 3.


Wow, thank you so much, this really means a lot! That's one of the most important things we wanted to portray, so I'm glad the message wasn't lost ♥


one of the funnest games i've played, the aiming system for combat was awesome and i loved the story and all the characters. the art style is AMAZING and i really love the graphics, from the pixel stuff to when it's close up to the characters

i wish it was easier to go from save file to save file though, and an easier way of telling if you've lost access or gained access to a quest or not T_T


Thank you so much (and also, thanks for your feedback!), I'm glad you liked it!


Absolutely loving it so far. Grabbed it in the Justice bundle but will probably be looking for a way to donate to you or buy for some friends. Thanks!


Aww, thank you! There's no need to pay any extra, having been part of the bundle was rewarding enough for us!


This has to be one of the best games I've ever played. The plot is awesome and the graphics are really my cup of tea. Can't wait for the next chapter!


Wow, thank you so much!


Really love this game.  Couldn't stop playing it and can't wait for the rest to come out.

Thank you so much!


Had my eyes on this one for a while and was pleased to see it in the racial justice bundle. Couldn't put it down once I picked it up and LOVED every minute. Great art, sound, gameplay. Can't wait to see more of the characters in future chapters!


Thank yooou, I'm so glad to read that ♥!


A friend recommended this, I just finished all available content and I'm in love

I never liked games that use guns but I'm glad I gave this one a try. It's fantastic, can't wait for the final chapter <3 I love all the characters so far, it's so easy to get attached to them!! 


Thank yooou! Personally, I wasn't that big on military fiction before either because most of it tends to focus on how "cool" guns are, but thankfully there are some fantastic stories that are way less glamorous and more critical.


Yes exactly!! I almost skipped this one when I saw "military", oop. So good to be proven wrong 😂


This game immediately stood out to me when I looked through the Racial Justice bundle and I knew I had to play it. It was an excellent experience! The art is gorgeous, the characters are likeable, and incorporating language barriers into the dialogue made it so immersive. I've already recommended it to my friends. Eagerly awaiting the final chapter :)

Thank you so much! We're really glad to read that ♥


I got this game from  the Racial Justice and Equality bundle and I'm in love!! The story, characters, interactions and the art are amazing! Also that tiny cat you added was so cuuuute, I couldn't stop myself from interacting with it haha! I'm only 2 hours in but would it be okay if I made fanart?


Thank you so much!

And of course, we love getting fanart ♥! We have a Discord channel where most people share their fanarts and even their progress in case you are interested ( )

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Got this in the racial equality bundle and a friend recommended it. They couldn't have recommended a better game! The story grabbed me almost immediately, the art styles were fantastic, the music was good, the gameplay was fun! Just beat the game a few minutes ago, and can't wait for what the future holds with it!

Again, I absolutely loved it! It reminded me of some of the dystopian books I used to love, so there was a great sense of nostalgia for me in this game.

Thank you so much! We were inspired by dystopian fiction so we're glad you felt that way ♥

Of course! You took all the great stuff  from those stories, and left out all the unnecessary stuff that's always added in!

The game seems great so far, but for some reason I can't exit it from the Menu. When I choose Exit and press X it just goes back to the game.


Hi there! We intend to change the wording in that part. That's an "exit menu" button. To go back to the title screen/exit, there's another option inside the settings menu, but I agree it's a bit confusing.

Okay, thank you. That makes sense. Where can I find the option to go back to title screen?

I love everything about this game. The morale system, the art, and especially the characters and dialogue! I am so excited for more

Thank you so much!

Was this game made in RPG Maker

(1 edit)

Hi there! We are using Unity. Our original prototype demo was made in RPG Maker MV, though.


Wow! Just... wow! I got this as part of the Racial Justice and Equality bundle and I was interested in the modern RPG setting but the characters, the art, and the battle system made me stay! Just finished the first chapter and I can't wait for more!

Thank you so much, I'm glad to read you liked it!


Amazing trailer, Sold Me!  Started off like a webtoons ad though.  That made me smile.


The artwork is amazing, I'm curious to know what software did you use to create this masterpiece?


Wow, thank you! The game is being developed in Unity, and I use Aseprite for pixel art and Photoshop for the rest.


The art is amazing, the characters are well-written, and the sidequests are very engaging!! I had a lot of fun playing this and can't wait for the next chapter to be released.

Thank you so much, we can't wait to release the rest of the story either!


I don't even know where to begin with how much I have adored playing this game. I've loved everything about the experience. The pixelated art style is so gorgeous, and all of the small details add to the immersion. I loved exploring all of the little nooks and crannies of each level, and I think encouraging the player to do that with the quests tab is genius. You have created such a complex and intriguing world with its own lore, and you did it without making it feel forced. The combat system was refreshing. I usually loathe the combat portions of games,  but I found myself genuinely excited to prepare for the next battle. I am beyond excited for the release of the next chapter. Thank you for your art :)

(P.S. I know all of the recent comments mention buying this game as part of the bundle as well, and paying $10 for it was definitely a steal, but if you missed the bundle, this game is still a bargain at $15. You won't regret it ;) )


Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind review! That part about the world and its quests made my day, we tried to put a lot of love into that ♥

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So I may or may not have stayed up all night and played through in 6 or so hours..... This Game Is Fantastic. Definitely Top 10 I've ever played, it is so well made. It's remarkably thoughtful, both in the story and in the build. The complicated (in the best way) plot is complimented by simple controls, and the graphics are beautiful and charming, the maps are engaging, the character development keeps me on the edge of my seat... I have to play more! The detail is stunning, the little animations are so smooth... I lack words to express how thoroughly I loved playing it (hopefully me sitting down and not moving for 6 hours can express some of it haha). I'm a little obsessed. All my kudos and thanks to the devs for sharing this amazing game with us. Thank you!!<<33

I think the only thing I desire is a way to save + access the title menu at all times in gameplay. But, it wasn't a big issue at all. Thank you for including this in the Racial Equity Bundle too!


Wow, thank you so much for your support and for donating to the bundle! I'm really glad to read that, and I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the game ♥


This is an exceptionally well made game. I felt extremly engaged and was routinly impressed by the transitonal scenes. Fantastic eye to detail made for a very immersive experience.  


Thank you so much!


This game is fantastic!  I got it as part of the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, but I'd love to be able to pay the developers to thank you for working on this great experience.  What would be most beneficial to the team- for me to buy this game again on Itch or do you have some sort of Patreon? 
PS I'm very excited for the last chapter! I'm from Poland so once it gets to the Polish-speaking NPCs, I'll get to be my own translator :D 

I'd also like to know the best way to support the devs!!


Thank you so much, we're really glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

Please don't feel pressured to pay any extra for getting the game from the bundle, we're really glad so many people donated to charity and also got to enjoy our game!

If you still want to do it though, buying it from itch would be the better option, and you'll get a Steam Key (the Steam version has trading cards, emotes, backgrounds and, eventually, achievements, and it also updates automatically).


I'm terrible at writing long reviews but!!! This game absolutely had me hooked from beginning to end (of chapter 2). I'm a huge sucker for pixel/jrpg style games, and as soon as I saw how lovely all the preview art was I knew I'd have to play it.

The story completely sucked me in! I literally went to bed and as soon as I woke up I kept playing because I didn't want the experience to end. The Core and everything it entails is just so interesting, and it's fun to compare it to how modern society is right now. The tonal whiplash in the small outpost got me so good and I felt so invested. Absolutely excited to see how everything will end!

I usually find turnbased combat super boring and repetitive but this combat was so fun! The different styles fitting the different characters was such a great idea - I love how Ivan literally doesn't attack, and how Atiye can't aim. The little details in the entire game are just amazing. Another thing I loved gameplay wise was the language barrier. I felt the same confusion that I'm sure Rourke felt every single time we interacted with a citizen without an interpreter. It was a great touch to add. 

And of course I love the characters!!! My friend asked who my favourite character was and I genuinely couldn't choose a favourite. They're just all written so well, and they all feel genuine in that they have different attitudes towards things and motivations. I love how they bonded and how they interact with each other so much! And all their designs are amazing! Seeing their sprites fills me with joy. 

The art in this game is so beautiful and polished it's unreal!! Each environment is filled so much visually and it makes the cities and such feel unique! The little touches of houses being lived in is just amazing. The colours you chose for each environment were really beautiful as well. I could honestly stare at this game for days on end and be happy.

Anyways! This is getting long and rambly haha. Thank all of you so much for working hard on this! Long Gone Days was an absolutely phenomenal game, and I already know that after the final chapter is released I'm going to be thinking of this game for a while. 

Whoa, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed review! I'm really glad you liked all the characters, that's always one of my biggest concerns, haha ♥ Really, thank you so much for this!


I am in love with this game! The art is absolutely gorgeous; I love everything about it. How the cities and buildings are designed, the small details put in everything--I can't properly express how much I am in awe of it.

I am also very attached to every characters in the game; they are all lovable, intriguing, and so full of characters. I also love the bond they share with each other. It is so sweet and heartwarming to see how much they grow to care, depend on, and support each other. I am so excited to see more of them!

The story is also very intriguing. I can't wait to find out more about The Core and the Ravens. And I am totally digging the language barrier feature(?), it makes the experience even more immersive. The side quests are very fun to complete; communicating with the NPCs is one of my favourite things to do in this game.

Thank you very much for the wonderful work! I am so looking forward to the finale! Is there any Patreon or Ko-fi? I would love to support the developers more!

Wow, thank you so much for this! We will be revealing more about The Core in this last chapter, and we hope that answers most questions people might have!

We also appreciate your question about other ways to support us, but wholesome comments like these and telling others about the game is more than enough for us ( ˊᵕˋ )♡


Got this in this game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and I'm absolutely loving it! Gorgeous art, well-written characters, an engrossing story, and a lot of nice details in the setting (I was really happy about the Nick Drake poster in Ivan's room). The battle system is cool and I really like how your morale is affected by dialogue choices. Anyway, great stuff! Cannot recommend enough.

Thank you so much! I'm really happy to read that you enjoyed it, and I'm especially glad that you pointed out that poster, haha ♥


I really enjoyed this game. Nice story and characters with a good message. I didn't realize it's not finished, but I will be (im)patiently waiting for the ending!

Thank you for your support!


Really, really fun. I'm not usually one for turn-based games, but I genuinely enjoyed the story and the combat was manageable. No tedium without the random encounters, and I love the modern setting and how it's been translated into RPG format. Can't wait for the last chapter!

Thank you so much! We can't wait to release the full story ♥!


Dude seriously I want to watch this as an anime hahaha!!!


I've played through to the start of Day 4 today intending to play more than one game today, but instead I just got so sucked into this one! I really enjoy the art style and animations, and the colors are great. 

The combat works pretty well. I've found I'm able to carry my team through on mainly morale and skills rather than using very many non-healing items, which is pretty good because I ended up giving a lot of those away.

The (non-sniping) combat system itself reminds me very much of VATS from Fallout New Vegas mixed with Pokemon. It feels kind of weird to shoot someone (who isn't wearing a helmet!!) in the head with a gun - or really, anywhere with a gun - and not kill them or knock them out. The idea that you can evade a bullet also feels unusual to me conceptually. Neither of these things are unique in games though, so I can't really say it detracts. Maybe it's just that it gets highlighted by the combination of weaponry and the mechanics of how you use them in the game? It's unusual (or at least new-to-me) and caught me by surprise, but I have to say that it does work.

The game requires a decent amount of strategy and actually seems fairly well balanced in the sense that you can't just select random stuff and expect to get through fights by the early middle of the game. As well, NPCs with the same roles and/or art seem to fight with different strategies in different battles, which makes it feel varied.

I also feel really attached to my whole team by now, and the level design is SUPER SUPER GOOD. This must have taken so much work. I'm really impressed.

I got this game as part of the Racial Justice bundle.

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Necesito decir también que me gusta mucho el uso de idiomas diferentes en el juego y el sistema de traducir. A veces cuando estaba jugando pensé 'SI TAN SOLO HUBIERA ESTUDIADO UNOS DE LOS IDIOMAS DE LONG GONE DAYS Y NO EL ESPAÑOL' pero no sabía que el estudio fue de Chile.

Tengo una pregunta desde esto para las diseñadores (si ustedes quieren hacer respuesta!): si el juego fue traducido a unos de los idiomas que son en el juego en el primer lugar, como el alemán, como funcionaría eso? Cuando los personajes hablarían inglés con texto en alemán, lo harían con la bandera del reino unido (o E.E.U.U)?



(Voy a responder en español porque así me puedo explicar un poco mejor) Antes que todo, muchas gracias por tu comentario, me alegra mucho que lo hayas disfrutado! Además, muchas gracias por donar al bundle!

Sobre tu pregunta de los idiomas, esta es uno de los problemas que tuvimos al principio del desarrollo, y es por eso que decidimos agregar unos pequeños indicadores, como el texto en gris y cursiva cuando un personaje habla en su idioma nativo y no está siendo traducido, y también cuando aparece una bandera para representar el idioma del que está siendo traducido originalmente. Es posible que al principio sea un poco confuso, así que puede que hagamos otras modificaciones para versiones localizadas. Es algo que tenemos que evaluar.

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