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Very Amazing game never played a game good like this in a long time good luck in the developing!

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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Hi there! I know you didn't do this on purpose, but please be careful about spoiling others. In our Discord we have a channel to discuss stuff about chapters 2 and 3:


Sorry, I just to curios about her condition and story though. I will head to the discord and delete this post immediately.


I love the mix of visual novel  mechanics and all the exploration moments.

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Hello, I just finished the game so far,  and loved it ! However, I don't know if this is a bug, but when  I use the keys in appartment 301 in the "Lost Key" quest, it doesn't give me the"quest completed" notification.

Also I couldn't find how to start the "Password Protected" sidequest in Kiel, a little hint is welcome.

In any case , you and your team did a great job on this game ! 

Keep up the the good work!


Thank you so much! The "Password Protected" sidequest is only available inside the first dungeon of chapter 2.

I'll take a look at that bug you mentioned about the "Lost Key" sidequest, because that definitely sounds like a bug. The quest completed notification usually pops up as soon as you open the door (which means it could be misseable since it shows up during the transition). Inside the pause menu, does that quest show it's 100% completed?

In any case, thank you so much for taking the time to report it! Hope you have a great day!

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Hello ! Thank you for your answer !

Nope, in the "lost key" sidequest, I am still at 66%, and I have the AC 99 upgrade document. 

Have a nice day !


I'm sure you get tons of emails and questions but I'm not sure if you've answered this elsewhere and I'm at work not being able to do a thorough search for a possible answer for the question elsewhere so here goes, are there any plans to port this over to console? Also, if no, is it difficult in the Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo communication side of things or would it be a programming issue where it would take too long to rewire things for console code?... Please let me know because I hardly play on PC and I'm a huge Sony fan (Nintendo as well) and would love to get this game on those consoles. As for now I might just get it on PC but I know damn well I wouldn't be giving it the love it deserves simply because of the fact that I rarely use my PC... Thank you in advance and OMG this game looks so dope <3 I'm getting Gundam vibes tbh but where are the mobile suits? ahaha! Much love <3

Thanks for your kind words! We would love to release the game on a console, but we can't while it is on early access. We definitely want to look into doing a Switch port, and maybe other consoles, but we won't be able to confirm it until we are 100% sure we can make it (we are based in Chile, so there might be some barriers).

For now, we've been making sure our build is compatible, so the port itself shouldn't be that troublesome. We'll still try our best, we would love to see our game on consoles ♥!


Thanks for your continued hard work and I'm sure you guys will be making that a reality. I can truly see this on console and I'm not just saying that. Much love <3


Game looks great.

If i may ask , are there any plans for a linux version by any chance ?

We do have a linux version planned, but it will probably come after our full release since our game is still in development and unfortunately we don't have too many Linux testers to make sure it is working as intended.

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One of the most beautiful games I've ever seen.
You really knew how to use Rpg Maker without seeming to be.
I loved the style of the gameplay.
The graphic style was too beautiful.


Shoot man, looks good. Everything I would expect in a Gundam TV series, but without the Gundams.  You really know how to pull of the warstory. I can tell. Wow.

Thanks a lot! I'll admit I have only watched Gundam Wing (and it was one of the first series I ever obsessed with, haha) but most of my favorite series feature mechas, they tend to have an interesting take on war and how it affects the civilians and the soldiers alike.

Tried Gurren Lagann? :)


can you make the game......Free? please


Do you like to give your labor away for free? I sure hope not.


Hi there! If money wasn't an issue I'd make them for free, but the development itself is being funded with the sales. We hope you understand.


It was a nice change to see such a polite response these days on the internet so I wanna thank you for that. By the way the 2D art in this game looks incredible, I specially like the shading, really nice work.


lol... how sad that there are people that ask this garbage. pfft.


This game looks fantastic and I cannot wait to see it fully released!

Aww, thank you so much!


Hello, Any news ? (even a simple "we're working on it" is enough, really, there is too many projects who are going from silence to canceled )


Ooh, sorry, for some reason I don't get notifications on itchio, but we are still working on it! At the beginning of the month, we posted this progress report, with lots of new screenshots:
We are more active on Twitter ( and Tumblr ( We update them a couple of times a month.


what a neat game! I also have a crush on Branna...her design is great.

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I would say this game is better than the hetallia series and should get it's own anime. Just based on the preview the graphics, animation, and idea centered around military/distopia/dictator/war concepts is a most very recent and evolving events.

Is this game created with RPGMaker, Unity, or Lua?

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Hello! Thank you for creating such an amazing game. I haven't played it yet but I just know I'm gonna love it haha. I just bought it off humble bundle and I have a question... The description says the game is available DRM-free but I assume this is for the full version only? I don't mind playing the early-access stage of the game through steam, but would I have to re-buy the game if I wanted the DRM-free full version of the game?

I just finished playing the demo and what an experience! The inner conflict shown by a deserter was easily seen and empathized with. Simply one of the best dystopian stories I've read and the best I've played as a game to date! I really hope this has at least 10 chapters haha. I wouldn't even mind paying more. 

As for issues with the game, there are a few I noticed, but I only started scrutinizing these at Kaliningrad so I may have missed some from the Core etc.:

- Minor issues: Spelling mistakes. The quest page for "The Lost Girl" says that the girl's name is Nina, but according to dialogue, the girl's name is Mila. Next, Ivan's neighbour's mother (lol) says "...He must 'we' waiting..." at her house by the river. When we first meet Leonid, he says "Find 'my' at my place." Lastly, during the final cinematic, the Father General says "Then 'why' are you standing here for?!"

- Medium-Major issues: There are some instances when I choose the correct dialogue and the increased morale symbol shows up above my characters' heads. However, when I checked the values on the menu, the morale percentages remained unchanged. This happened with: Firstly, the talk with Lynn at Ivan's house. Secondly, after the completion of "The Lost Girl" quest, only Adair and Lynn's morale increased (intentional?). Lastly, the quest where I had to get the medicine for the baby in the church.

- Major issue (at least for me): There is no unequip button. There was a jacket I wanted to equip on Rourke, but I accidentally put it on Lynn (don't ask). Lynn had no other alternative armors so all I got was a buzz in response when I pressed on it.

It's nice to see that you guys implemented a sprinting button, but I still think it's a bit slow sorry...

In any case, I just LOVE this game to bits! Congratulations on making it this far, this is my most highly anticipated game this year!

Hi there! Thank you so much for the compliments, that's really nice of you!

We'll be including the fixes to these spelling mistakes/morale bugs in our next update (we are currently working on adding controller support/key remapping, among other things). We definitely want to raise Rourke's base speed and add an actual running animation, so that's on our to-do list.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to report these bugs, we hope to have the next update soon!

Hi there! We have a DRM-free version of the current build for our backers, but we highly encourage to get the Steam version since the game is still being developed. We'll add a DRM-free version after the full release.

Since you bought it through Humble Bundle (and the same would apply to everyone who bought it through itchio), we can add the DRM-free version to the package, so you'll be able to get it if you look at your purchases, without any additional cost.


Thank you so much for the OSX Version!!!! Congratulations on the release!!! All the best to you and your game!

Ah, that's the OSX version of the old 2016 prototype demo! We are still working on the OSX version of the actual release, sorry for the inconvenience.


No comment needed, simply the best game ever...impressed.

Wow, thank you!! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed it that much, it means a lot!


Will there be Early Access for Mac anytime soon? Fell in love with it the first time I played the demo! 

Sorry for taking so long to reply! We are working on it, and also on controller support and key remapping. We'll make an announcement as soon as it is ready!


This game looks beautiful!

Aww, thank you so much!

Is it still possible to download and try the demo? As i can't find it anywhere.

Hi there! We are not actively distributing the prototype demo anymore as it isn't a good representation of what the game looks like today, but if you want to try it anyway, you can download it from here:


Thank you very much.


I didn't play long (around 45mn right before going to work :s) but I'm already charmed !

However there are some little change that could really improve the flow :

-Could you set up a key to activate a "running" mode instead of holding shift ? or maybe speed up the base walking speed ?

-Is it possible to use the cancel key to continue a dialog(because pressing accidentally the key at the end of a long dial and having to cycle it again is kind of a pain >.>)

-Like the other two it's a user friendly suggestion but, in the menu can you make it possible to go from the upper option to the down while pushing "up" instead of having to use the "down" key multiple time ?

And one thing who is a little more on the serious side :

-LGD use around 65% of CPU... that's quite a lot (even skyrim doesn't use that much.. >.>) is it a particularity of the engine  or the problem lie within my computer maybe ?

Anyway, Congratulation on the EA release ! (i'm seriously hyped, as much as i am with "Crosscode", if you don't know, take a look at it)

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback.
- We agree with the base walking speed being a bit slow, and we are working on that (which will speed up the "running" speed as well).
- Regarding the use of the cancel key to continue and allowing the up and down button go all the way around: That's a very good point, as this happened to us as we were testing the game as well.

Thanks for reporting the performance issue, we will look into it! (And yes, I'm a fan of CrossCode, I can't wait for the full release)


It is so inspiring to see these type of games to evolve like this and being finally able to get early access. Inde game development is such a wonderful thing and your game is cleary inspiring me, in your communication, development and game itself, as an apprentice creator.

Thx !


Wow, thank you so much, we are glad you feel that way! Don't hesitate to ask if you need help as a fellow creator!

Oooh, thank you ! I will surely take the offer some day !

Your artistic talents are so good that I'm positively horrified by the perspective of being a guy forced to fight in an unjust war. I don't want to kill those other people which are as clueless as me. Probably won't play that.


I can't wait for this game to come out!!


Aww, thank yooou, we can't wait either \o/!

just got it seems legit

love love LOVE this! Can't wait for the full game!

I need the full game now!!!

I know it's kinda late but I just make an account and I must tell you how much I love this game. I played the demo a few months ago and from that time I stalk your fb page like a creep. I just can't wait for this game to come out! I love everything but you're sense of humour just stole my heart. The story made me thinking so many times cuz as a polish girl I can kinda relate. Anyway, why Poland and Russia? I mean, I can really see why cuz all this false flag operation isn't really something that is impossible to happen but I just want to know.

Oh, and I made a let's plays some time ago. I hope they're not bad :3

I know I'm really late in playing this and so much must have changed since the demo came out. But I love it! I can't wait for it to come out! This is so up my alley. The visuals are incredible and the plot is already upsetting and getting my brain to thinking. There's glitchiness that happens when you go straight into a second playthrough after finishing the demo, but I figure that's probably not very relevant anymore. But I did want to say that some sentences in the very beginning before you take control of Rourke are very long. Most of the rest of the demo reads fine, but since the beginning of the game will be what draws people in and provides important exposition, cutting up some of Rourke's monologue into shorter, more to-the-point sentences will make it easier for new players to absorb the information and it will read less awkwardly.

Hi goodra! Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that, because it means we are on a good track. We have modified the intro of the game to have more action at first, since it starts a bit slow until you get to the mission. This way, there is no longer a need to make tutorials (I wasn't too happy with that shooting range training scene to be honest, haha). The game has changed quite a bit now thanks to all the feedback, I really, really like how the progression looks now!

Thank you very much for your kind words!

This is my first and still favorite game on Everything was so good, so well-written, it honestly blew me away. I don't even know what to complement? The art, the story, the characters or the way you made me cry, like, three times.

I'm still recommending to anyone I see the moment the subject of "games" pop up.

The moment the full game comes out, I'll be throwing a mini-party in its honor.

I'm also expecting it to come out in different languages as well, so I can share more.

Sorry for taking so long to reply! The fact that you still think about the game even though the demo came out a year ago makes me so happy!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write about this, it really means a lot ♥

We hope to localize the game into different languages, since that's one of the main themes in the game, but I can't confirm any languages yet. Thank you once again for your support, have an amazing day!

Featured the demo on The Saturday Select where we feature and play select promising games that are still in development!

P.S. should have been called "Long Gone Gays" amirite

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I played the demo for my YouTube channel and I loved it! The story is intriguing, the soundtrack is amazing, the art has a charming manga-esque style to it and the pixel art is very impressive too. I look forward to the release of the full game soon. If you want you can see the videos I made on it here, I had a ton of fun making them:


Anyways, I think I found a bug. After you exit the cave with the medic, two soldiers from the Core try to stop you. After you defeat the one on the left, it gives the message that "soldier __ is defeated" or something like that, but it pops up twice instead of once.


Hi Developer!

I am running MacOS 10.12.3, and when I try to load the game, it says "File is damaged and should be moved to trash" I don't know if this is a common problem or not, but regardless I can't wait to play this game if and when this is fixed.


This is really cool! Love the art. Do have minor criticisms, though. Left a review over at my channel.

Beautiful writing and characters. Can't wait to see the rest of it. I don't know how and I don't know why but this little demo has charmed me more than anything I've played in a long time. Keep up the good work!


whenever i try to open it it says file is damaged you should move it to trash (mac)

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I can't even say enough positive things about this game. I was actually heartbroken when the demo ended. I am waiting eagerly for this game to come to full realisation. You can watch the videos I made here for a good look at the game.


Thank you so much! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed the demo, thanks for recording a Let's Play of it! And don't worry about calling it "Long Days Gone", that happens all the time, haha.

Have a great day!

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This is an amazing game! I don't really play games but I really love this one! I'm looking forward for the full version even though I might can't afford it :P Good job guys! (One more thing, I'm editing this twice, my game keeps close unexpectedly! It's so annoying and eventhough I saved the game, all of the data or files are gone... T.T Please do something about it...)

Also this game reminds me so much of Fullmetal Alchemist like the anime, somehow... Maybe because of military styled survival thing lol


Hi there! This is the first time I have heard about the data files being gone after an unexpected shutdown. Do you mean the saves are gone? If the game closes unexpectedly, it is usually related to not having enough free memory left. Since we are working on Unity instead of RPG Maker now, the requirements are lower as it's better optimized.

I used to love Fullmetal Alchemist back in the '00s, so I could have subconsciously got some inspiration from it, haha. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for replying!~ I think that having low memory might be the reason, but I'm glad you took the time to read my comments. I'll try playing again and deleting some of my unused files.


unfortunately i cant play the demo :( when i try to open it it says: "Game" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash. so is there something i'm doing wrong or is the demo broken please help i really want to play the game! i'm using a mac with OS serria don't know if that matters though please help!

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