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Anyways, I think I found a bug. After you exit the cave with the medic, two soldiers from the Core try to stop you. After you defeat the one on the left, it gives the message that "soldier __ is defeated" or something like that, but it pops up twice instead of once.

Hi Developer!

I am running MacOS 10.12.3, and when I try to load the game, it says "File is damaged and should be moved to trash" I don't know if this is a common problem or not, but regardless I can't wait to play this game if and when this is fixed.


This is really cool! Love the art. Do have minor criticisms, though. Left a review over at my channel.

Beautiful writing and characters. Can't wait to see the rest of it. I don't know how and I don't know why but this little demo has charmed me more than anything I've played in a long time. Keep up the good work!

whenever i try to open it it says file is damaged you should move it to trash (mac)

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I can't even say enough positive things about this game. I was actually heartbroken when the demo ended. I am waiting eagerly for this game to come to full realisation. You can watch the videos I made here for a good look at the game.


Thank you so much! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed the demo, thanks for recording a Let's Play of it! And don't worry about calling it "Long Days Gone", that happens all the time, haha.

Have a great day!

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This is an amazing game! I don't really play games but I really love this one! I'm looking forward for the full version even though I might can't afford it :P Good job guys! (One more thing, I'm editing this twice, my game keeps close unexpectedly! It's so annoying and eventhough I saved the game, all of the data or files are gone... T.T Please do something about it...)

Also this game reminds me so much of Fullmetal Alchemist like the anime, somehow... Maybe because of military styled survival thing lol

Hi there! This is the first time I have heard about the data files being gone after an unexpected shutdown. Do you mean the saves are gone? If the game closes unexpectedly, it is usually related to not having enough free memory left. Since we are working on Unity instead of RPG Maker now, the requirements are lower as it's better optimized.

I used to love Fullmetal Alchemist back in the '00s, so I could have subconsciously got some inspiration from it, haha. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for replying!~ I think that having low memory might be the reason, but I'm glad you took the time to read my comments. I'll try playing again and deleting some of my unused files.


*insert something that doesn't make the rest of this comment stupid* - steam


unfortunately i cant play the demo :( when i try to open it it says: "Game" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash. so is there something i'm doing wrong or is the demo broken please help i really want to play the game! i'm using a mac with OS serria don't know if that matters though please help!

Everytime I click new game nothing happends

Hi there! The game is meant to be played with a keyboard or a controller, but not with a mouse.

Oh stupid me, thank you!

I love this game i rate it 5/5 <3
and also where can i download the fan arts thats in the extra>gallery in the game ?

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Hi Yakuza! Thanks for your comment. We have a folder with all the fanarts we have received so far here: so you can see them in higher resolution. (If you want to use them for something, remember to ask the artists first please ♥)


Thank you
and im doing a youtube gameplay about your game, i just really love it

Whoa! Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play :D!

I just finished the demo and it's just, ugh... it's just A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I love the pixel art, the plot and the naration is amazing and all the combination of RPG, shooting and puzzle game is just awesome!!! I loved every little part of the demo and i'm looking forward to play the full version! I hope you will release it soon :3 One question, how much will the full version cost, more or less?


Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! While we haven't settled on a set price point at this time based on the rewards on our Indiegogo campaign you can expect the game to be around $15 USD

This demo was awesome! The narrative and setting and visuals was definitely the strongest part of it. I don't think anyone would say the moving block puzzles added anything to the game (personally it just felt like filler), but everything else, and how narrative choices affect characters stamina, and becomes a language puzzle, is really good. Really want to see where the story goes.

(also one of the battles was unfortunately impossible to complete because of my choices earlier and having not enough health. Hope in the final version there's at least a way to avoid impossible saves that force replaying the game again.)


This game is gorgeous and so engaging - and believe me, it's a huge compliment from me since I'm not very fond of anything that wouldn't have fantasy or SF elements, usually. But the characters are great and the art is beautiful. With that, and the very interesting story so far, it's hard not to like the game. I can't wait for the full release to be out!

Thank you so much for your kind words, it's really nice to hear that! We can't wait to release the full game either!


Played the demo and I really enjoyed it! Just a question, this game will most likely be priced, yes?

Thank you! Yes, the full version will be commercial.


AHHHHHHHH!!!! This is sosososososososo great holy maccaroni and canoli! That was AWESOME!!! I'm super excited for when the full thing comes out. The style, art, and mechanics are all so beautiful and very fluid. The characters are fun and the world is super cool! I am so excited to divide head first into this game when it comes out. <3 Thanks for the amazing demo!!!

Sorry for the awfully late reply! Thank you so much for your comment, we're so glad you enjoyed the demo and liked the characters ♥!


I finished the demo 2 minutes ago and now I can't wait to play the full game ><

Aww, I'm glad to hear that, thanks :D!


this game is awesome imagine if this game became an anime.... it would be awesome!!


Aww, thank you! If they ever do, I hope there's a filler episode about the characters going to the beach/hot springs (?)


That would be great!


Finished the demo! CANNOT WAIT TILL THE FINISHED PRODUCT IS OUT! This looks super promising, and the story looks well written and informed. You've got a permanent fan!

Whoa, thank you so much, it means a lot that you feel that way about it.

Thank you for recording a Let's Play, I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!


I wanna support this game because I just finished the demo but I cant afford all of the perks T^T

Aww, thank you! The game has been fully funded, so there's no rush to buy the perks. I appreciate the thought anyway!


I know, But I really want to get the perks for this game because it looks really cool.

When is the game scheduled to release?

Sorry for taking so long to reply. The game is scheduled for Q1 2018.

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I created this account just to inform you that the Mac version of the game has trouble running the OSX LGD demo, as it said "game" is damaged and can't be opened. Gimme a update if there is anything you could do.

Hi there! I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. There's currently an issue with El Capitan, but we're looking into it!

Is there gonna be a update regarding such issues for mac soon?

If we do, by all means we will update the demo.

Hey Camila,

I'm interested in developing games through programming and was wondering how you made the game and what program you used. (C#.C++, etc)


Super awesome game. Such a lovely vibe. I really like the music and the art is gorgeous. Impressive!!

Thank you so much, it really means a lot to hear that


Just finished the demo, cannot wait to see more. Playing this made me feel really good, I love its simplicity. Thank you for sharing this with us! ^^


This is by far my favorite RPG Game! I am glad to get to see this game grow and will gladly purchase the full game when it is out! I also made a video on it!

Whoa, that's a really nice thing to say! I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo, thank you so much for making a Let's Play

Yes I have been wanting to develop a 2D story driven RPG for the longest time! This kinda inspired me to get started on doing that and not slacking off!


I am absolutely loving the game! The story and art is amazing! hope to see more of it soon~ I had fun playing it and getting to know the story ^.^

Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that. I can't wait to show the full story!

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Absolutely loved the game. Can't wait for the finale release!

Thank you so much! I can't wait to release the full game either


I would suggest Game Maker Studio.

but be careful. before starting GM:S take note on the cost (permanent) to export to other platforms.

Hi there! We are actually developing the full game in Unity, which was the original idea from the beginning, so we are currently able to export to multiple platforms, but consoles are not being considered yet.


I haven't even played this game yet, and the art and gameplay look beautiful! Hoping for a good experience and a full version.

Aww, thank you, it really means a lot to hear that :D!


Can't wait for the full game to come out! I made a Let's Play of the first part of the demo here!

Thank you so much for doing this (and congrats on that critical attack, haha!)

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I just started the demo with a friend and havent done much, but both love it (though at one point i wanted to change the story line myself, though no spoilers :P ).

It is brilliant and looks great!!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you've enjoyed the demo so far :D!


The artwork so far has been phenomenal. I love the little sneak peeks of the characters so far; this game is very promising! Apart from a typo I encountered ( supposed to be character's, not that big of a deal I just wanted to point it out) the demo is lovely. I'm super excited to back it on indiegogo, and I wish you the best of success with this game. c:

Sorry for taking so long to reply :(!! Aww, thank you so much for the compliments, and I hadn't seen that typo, thank you so much for pointing that out too.

Linux version ?

Hi, there's no Linux demo available since the engine used for the demo does not export for Linux. We are now developing the full game in Unity, so exporting to Linux is no problem at all.

i think this game is very realistic and immersive, which is something i really appreciate since a lot of games nowadays are about magic and are borderline fantasy. the story is very simple yet is so captivating! i read on a blog that you've spent 12 years developing the story and the characters, and honestly i think it's 12 years well spent. great game!!!


Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! This really means a lot to me ;__;

Qué hermoso todo, Camila! Ojalá salga todo como te lo proponés <3

(saludos desde Argentina)

Muchísimas gracias por el apoyo ♥


The pixel art in this game is absolutely fantastic. The story is pretty alright. The engine (for the demo) isn't very good and feels awkward and very slow at times. It also currently feels a little clunky.

I definitely recommend LOVE2D as a wonderful engine for you to use, Camila Gormaz. I also hope you look into diagonal movement and perhaps something to make the combat a bit more interesting.

Otherwise, I can't wait to play the full game!

Thank you! I didn't know about that engine, I'll check it out.

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Did my first video on your game, and loved it! Much more where this comes from!

Hey, that's nice! I like the voices you used for the instructor and the female NPCs, haha. Good job!


Use RPG Maker MV dev?

For this demo, RPG Maker MV was used, but I'm currently working on another engine for the full game, so I'll be able to export it to more platforms.


Hi ! Your game is just awesome! I love the game concept. I found that the mechanics from visual novel and shooters were well integrated. The story is really innovative! Congratulations! I hope to see the full version soon! ;)

Here is my gameplay but sorry in advance for the delay between the sound/video, I could not fix the problem ><' :

Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply, I have no excuse :(!!
Thank you so much for your kind words, and don't worry about the audio issue ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


Hey! Your game is on Featured Games list. Congratulations!


Amazing! I love it! The only thing I want to mention is that the closer combat is a little slow, like in the target practice area. The sniping part is fine, but just a heads up. I Cannot wait to see the finished product.

Este juego puede que tenga un gran futuro entre los "RPG lovers". Su arte es espectacular, la interpretación es excelente, la ambientación y el trasfondo muy interesante (Me llama mucho la atención la historia del CORE, espero no se abandone). Me gusta mucho la dirección que toma y los temas que toca dentro de su arco. La demo hace muy bien su trabajo, da un buen vistazo de la historia y también muestra las mecánicas. Los personajes tienen carisma y una muy buena química entre ellos, que con los temas del juego, puede ser muy interesante de explorar. Espero que las escenas de sniper se repitan, son parte del personaje principal y una muy buena mecánica de rompecabezas o "puzzle" que identifican al juego por sobre los demás. Es muy bueno, pero tiene ciertas fallas...

Tengo las siguientes quejas:

- Los rostros de los personajes en los sprites (O cuando no están hablando...) son muy disonantes con el tema y lo que deberían sentir, tengo la sensación de que veo maniquíes y escucho las voces de otro. Los sprites no son tan fieles a los retratos (Mas alla del color de pelo y el corte); algo que incluso los grandes como Final Fantasy VI cometían pero no hace falta cometerlo.

- El sistema de combate necesita ser pulido. Quizás es mi imaginación, pero los combates se sienten más largos de lo que deberían y muy fuera de lugar. El sistema de moral me parece estupendo, y los distintos tipos de munición también. Pero son encuentros cercanos con armas de fuego. Un solo disparo debería ser letal para cualquier persona, y aunque sea un videojuego, pienso que este elemento ayudaría mucho más a este proyecto. Reemplazar puntos de vida con zonas sin herir, o con impactos restantes que resistirá el equipamento quizás ayudaría a este sistema. Y siento que mis personajes son como los stormtroopers de StarWars, de 10 disparos aciertan 2 o 3. De repente el enemigo casi acierta siempre sus disparos, pero incluso disparando siempre al pecho fallo muchas veces. Quizás simplemente subir la probabilidad de acierto en cada zona, poder tomar cobertura para no recibir daño y/o "concentrarse" para subir la probabilidad de disparo también son buenas iniciativas.

En serio le tengo mucha expectativa a este juego, me quede con las ganas de jugar más, me engancho desde el inicio su temática y su historia, pero me gustaría ver mejora en lo que comenté, pienso que son para bien del proyecto y para que gane la popularidad que se merece. Esperaré con ansias su lanzamiento oficial!

Muchas gracias, Coinhunter! Hay hartas cosas que quiero mejorar (sobretodo del sistema de batalla). En cuanto a los portraits, en ciertas partes me hicieron falta más expresiones faciales y tuve que usar las que tenía. Eso será corregido sí o sí en la versión completa, y dependiendo del tiempo, me encantaría agregarle además una pose distinta a los personajes principales.

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